7 09, 2016

Simultaneous Interpretation … It Takes Practice!

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Simultaneous Interpretation is a highly specialized area of translation, which requires utmost accuracy and concentration to completely translate at the same rate of the speaker.  These skills can not be developed over night but are achieved over time with the help of training and exercises that are designed to improve dual-tasking, analytical processing and memory [...]

30 08, 2016

The Olympics … The perfect place for language specialists

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Consider being a 2020 Olympics Translator! A spectacular closing ceremony brought the 2016 Rio Olympics to a close on Sunday evening. More than 30 languages were represented at these Olympics from more than 200 countries. This is why we as language specialists hold a very important role in the Olympics – where cultural [...]

29 01, 2016

Working with children in court

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Court cases involving children are often more challenging and—in turn—rewarding than most. Cases where minors are involved require the most talented, considerate and empathetic staff possible. They require the interpreters, Guardian ad Litem, justices of the court and social workers to exhibit their utmost professional, personal and interpersonal strength. We at Arara offer interpreters who [...]