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We at Arara Language Solutions are proud to offer language solutions in three areas – 1. Transcription, 2. Interpretation, 3. Translation.

Interpretation services are oral and can be simultaneous or consecutive. Simultaneous is provided as the word is spoken. This form of translation includes a 5-6 second delay. Consecutive interpretation happens after the speaker is done with their message. Our interpretation services are commonly used throughout school systems, between healthcare providers and their patients, in the courtroom and in many other areas of society.

Translation services are written and provided in the 1st person.

No matter the services provided, professionalism, quality and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. We value and respect the rights of our clients.

We commonly provide the following services:

  • Interpreting for School System Evaluations and Meetings
  • Justice System Proceedings
  • ELL Form Translation
  • Assistance during Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Student Need Assessments
  • Interpreting for Medical Appointments
  • Translation for Medical Forms, Assessments or Documents