Spring cleaning!

//Spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning!

This first day of Spring Season 2016, March 20th, we encourage our clients, employees and community

partners to participate in spring cleaning with us!

Spring cleaning can come in many forms, but this year we’d like to focus on the business practices of

refreshing all corporate technology. The most overlooked aspects of business, for which we often don’t

have time to “clean up” come in many forms, among them updating contact information, client

databases and making sure all websites are accessible, intelligible and accurate.

Here are a few small tips with large impacts to help you make the most of Spring Cleaning:

 Follow- up with professional connections online and in-person.

 Update your business’s contact information

 Update contact information of partners

Just met someone at an event? Connect on LinkedIn and follow-up with a lunch date

Not just on websites, but also on personal social media pages, and company’s partner


Having accurate information of other businesses on your website, social media and any

promotional materials will allow for ease of use when customers are redirected to or

from your business.

Join us as we update all relevant information, to ensure that we’re ready for the Spring Season!

How can you get involved?

Send us feedback, and let us know how we can improve our corporate technology to best serve you!Spring blooming

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