Welcoming National Stress Awareness Day

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Welcoming National Stress Awareness Day

It may seem counter intuitive to welcome a day which recognizes the stressors of life. However, recognition is the first step in providing real solutions. Below we list a few practical tips for destressing in the nine to five, traditional office environment.

  1. Drinking plenty of water

Keeping hydrated may seem unrelated, but when you’re body is happy and healthy so is your mind (and your office mates).

  1. Taking brisk walks, outside if possible

Even the walk to the printer or scanner can help alleviate some stiffness. This helps your eyes disengage from harmful screens and helps circulate your blood more thoroughly. It is also a great stress reliever which allows your eyes and mind to take in new scenery.

  1. Ask for help when needed

More often than not, we like to be problem solvers. This skill remains a wonderful resume builder, however, adding to your team of one has several benefits. Not only do you allow for teamwork in the workplace, add more complex approaches to problems in different ways and create a network of professional relationships; but you become more likely to seek help when necessary in the future.

Here at Arara Language Solutions we encourage teamwork, nuanced perspectives and entrepreneurial ventures to flourish. We also encourage you to find time and de-stress throughout your work day!

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